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The Encampment River

The Encampment is the largest tributary to the Upper North Platte.  This little river tumbles quickly from the Medicine Bow National Forest for 18 miles to the small community of Encampment and another 8 miles meandering through the valley to the confluence of the North Platte. 

 These two sections are as different as night and day.  The upper reach lies entirely in the Medicine Bow National Forest and is accessible by foot trail offering pristine gravel and spawning beds and perfect pocket water for exceptional dry fly fishing to "wild' cutthroat and rainbow trout.  Spending 3-4 days backpacking down the canyon is popular here.  Dry flies and nymphing are the norm with attractors and hopper-dropper rigs used during mid to late summer. 



InThe lower 8 miles is almost entirely through private land accessible during a short 3-4 week floating (RAFT) season.  The green drake hatch occurs during this brief window providing one the the West's greatest experience of landing a 20" plus "wild" brown or rainbow trout on a dry fly.  This lower reach is tight and technical requiring accurate casts with drag-free presentations.  Call NORTH PLATTE TROUTERS for current conditions to hook one here.

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