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The Lower North Platte at the Miracle Mile

The Miracle Mile is the second jewel of the lower North Platte tailwaters.  Located below Seminoe, the first impoundment, and Pathfinder Reservoir; this stretch of water can be between 1-5 miles in length depending on Pathfinder's capacity at the time.  The entire section is public accommodating both floating or walk and wading, providing easy access to this prolific fishery that holds monster rainbow and brown trout. 

The Miracle Mile is more protected by mountains than Grey Reef but fishing tactics are similar here.  Nymphing again is the rule with (#16-20) PT's, copper john's, prince's, worms, and scuds presented deep depending on water depth.  The occasional midge or baetis hatch will provide the dry fly angler the opportunity in the slack water sections but it's that wooly bugger, platte river special, or my favorite thin mint twitched off the banks that entice the big predators.

This area is remote with no services available,so come prepared with all that you need.


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