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Discounts available through us at four Saratoga locations!

A stay in Saratoga can be as comfortable as our river trips. We have an assortment of package plans with the best establishments in town. Discounts are available from the Spirit West River Lodge, the Saratoga Resort and Spa, and the Platte River Cottages.

North Platte Trouters is happy to book your stay when you schedule your trip with us or you can contact the above lodgers and let them know your adventure is with us and your savings will be realized.

There are 6 different restaurants in Saratoga within walking distance of your accommodations,  and of course we are happy to help you with any transportation needs while you're fishing with us.
Click a below photo to go to their website where you can contact them for a booking. Spirit West River Lodge Saratoga Resort  Platte River Cottages
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