The North Platte has iced out from Bennett campground to Seminoe Reservoir and the flow through Saratoga is 1070 cfs, clarity is less than 1′, water temp 40.  The Encampment is 168 cfs, running clear, water temp 38 and very fishable.  The Miracle Mile and Grey Reef are fishing fantastic right now with the rainbow spawn on.  Many large fish over 20″ taken recently.  The Mile is 1000 cfs, clear, water temp 42.  The Reef is 500 cfs, clear, water temp 42.  From 4-2 through 4-6 Grey Reef Dam will be releasing flushing flows to clear sediments from 1am to 10am.  You can fish after the flush but would suggest waiting a few days following 4-6-12 to let conditions settle.


Additional flows are:  The Big Horn below Boysen Reservoir 942 cfs, Upper Clark’s Fork 377 cfs, North Fork Shoshone 832 cfs, South Fork Shoshone 274 cfs, Main Stem Shoshone 574 cfs.  Remember the North Fork of the Shoshone from Newton Creek to Gibb’s Bridge is CLOSED TO FISHING 4-1-12 through 6-30-12 to allow for spawning cutthroats.