Platte river "brown" on a streamer

PRIME DATES IN MAY AND JUNE ARE STILL AVAILABLE.  The 2012 season looks to be the earliest in years.  The last two weeks of May and first two of June still have open days available and RIGHT NOW look to be some of the best days of the season.  The salmon fly hatch on the Platte and the green drake hatch on the Encampment occur during this time.  CALL NOW FOR DATES.

The Platte was fishing reasonably well until late last weeks warm spell which increased river flows up to 1100 cfs and now looks more like chocolate milk.  Low flows upstream at North Gate have just begun to rise; down slightly today to 412 cfs.  The Encampment flow is down also today to 531 cfs., water temps at 44, and 3′-4′ visibility. 

With run-off threatening on the FREESTONES, the tailwaters at the Miracle Mile, Grey Reef, and the Big Horn are fishing GOOD right now  The Mile is 1500 cfs, 48, and clear.  Grey Reef is 500 cfs., 48, and clear.  Big Horn is 1150 cfs. and clear.

We at North Platte Trouters hope to offer single and multiday fishing trips during August on the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone, North Fork of the Shoshone, South Fork of the Shoshone, Main Shoshone, and the Big Horn.  2012 permits are pending.  Join us for hopper season on these great cutthroat, rainbow and brown trout rivers.