Let the Season Begin

John Ellis cousin trip 003Well, the temperature is going up and so is the river.  The Upper North Platte watershed is sitting on 100% of an average snowpack and the fishing season looks great as it begins.  PMD’s coming off in the mid-morning and a few BWO’s during cloud cover and in the late afternoons.  High water means stoneflies on the move and adult salmonflies at the peak within the next month; or just how warm May turns out.

Many large fish have been taken recently in the local area with the rainbow spawn underway but the increase in water is dispersing the fish a little more.  Fish takes are still up but the larger fish are on the move.

I will be on the Arkansas River and Gunnison Gorge in Colorado the first week of May to fish with a close friend.  Tell everyone after my return.

Tight Lines, Steve